I’m a big believer in creating a healthy life that is sustainable that involves exercising and diet. I do exercise like millions of people do and I will tell you more about my work out routine (boxing) at another time. In this blog post, however, I want to tell you about my daily green shake habit – it’s purpose and benefits.

Why do I have a green juice every morning?

First off, this is not medical advice; this is just my 2 cents my advice based on what I have read and experienced. Also, this is NOT an advertisement for the juice I drink. I’m trying to convey the importance of developing healthy habits and green juice is one of them.

OK, so while you sleep, your body gets dehydrated. Therefore, it’s important to replenish the fluids that you lost throughout the night and get your body back to a state of hydration.

It’s also a well-known fact that more green in your diet is always a good thing. I find it somewhat difficult to get green, leafy veggies incorporated into my meals so having a green juice each morning helps me “check the boxes”. Kind of like an insurance policy and I get to kill 2 birds with one stone – I am rehydrating my body and also getting my green veggies all in one shot.

What’s in my juice?

Now we all know that natural is the best way to go and, in this case, it would mean buying all the greens, preparing them, making your own juice and cleaning up afterward. However, I am all about simplicity in the habits I try to create. If I had to follow that juicing process EVERY single morning, I would never stick with it. So I found a shortcut and use powdered green juice.

I did a lot research and chose to subscribe to Zuma Juice. While I can’t say definitively that it’s the best powdered green juice on the market because I just don’t know, I was very impressed by their ingredients and manufacturing process. Plus, I like the taste! I have tried other green juices and they were pretty awful, but Zuma Juice has a taste that I actually like which is key.

The process

So, every morning, I mix the green powder with ice and spring water in my shaker, and it mixes really well…no gross clumps. Like I said,this is not an endorsement or sales pitch for Zuma Juice. This product has simply helped me to form a green juice habit and stick to it, every single day, for over 6 months so far. I am starting off the day on the right note by replenishing the fluids in my body, increasing my energy level and getting the much-needed nutrients from the fruit and vegetable ingredients.

One more thought

In my opinion, this green juicing habit (and exercising and eating right) is essential. If you’re not in optimal health, every other aspect of your life is likely suffering i.e. no energy to engage with your family, your performance at work is probably not as good, etc.

Also, in line with my green juice strategy, I was recently listening to the Warrior On Fire podcast with Garrett White and he had an interesting concept around health. He doesn’t look at things in his life as subtractions or what he can take out (for example, what can I take out of my diet). Instead, he focuses on what he can add.

So in my situation, I am focusing on adding a green juice every morning (and 2 bottles of water throughout the day) to my diet instead of what I shouldn’t be doing. By doing so, over time, I will be able to rely less on coffee and the afternoon snack because of the addition of green juice and water to my diet. So far it’s working.

This is a concept that can be applied to other areas of life as well. Instead of looking at the negatives that you have to get rid of, what positive habits can you add that will eventually replace your negative habits naturally?

I hope you enjoyed this article, talk soon!