ryan coteAh, yes. The default “hello world!” WordPress blog post. But this is an actual post; my first one to introduce you to who and why.

Hello, my name is Ryan Cote and welcome to my blog.

I like being around people, especially when the company and conversations are phenomenal. And as such I recently decided to build a home here on the World Wide Web. Mind you, this is just the foundation but come with me while I give you a walk-through.

Entrepreneurship is in my blood

As cliché as it sounds, it is very true for me. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. The company that I am a partner in with my uncle and 2 brothers – – was started by my grandfather and his brother in the 1960s. Ballantine is a print and digital marketing agency that works with small business as well as established Fortune 500 companies. I am immersed in the digital marketing side, responsible for sales and strategy and it’s something that I really enjoy.

Even in college and beyond, I was very much into business; I would sell things on eBay, had my own e-commerce store selling piano lamps (believe it or not) and did affiliate marketing for a number of years. I have always had this drive to create things from scratch and then turn them into a revenue stream. In short, entrepreneurship is one of my passions.

Personal life

Enough about work for now. I do have other elements of my life I want to share with you.

I am a husband and a father of 3 beautiful children. I am into a healthy and fit lifestyle which I maintain by meditating, boxing and green juicing. I also own real estate investments and contend with all the adventures this brings.


Across my business, real estate and family I have gained an immeasurable amount of experience and I have a fair amount of successes under my belt too. There is still much more for me to do and to achieve, but there is a lot I can share about what I have gone through both in success and failure. It’s exciting for me to create a space for my ramblings and thoughts that others might find valuable and can apply to their own lives and situations.

I will be featuring the things that I know the most about: marriage, parenting, health, habits, business, marketing and entrepreneurship. I am not an expert at all of these things, but it is my hope that by sharing my experiences with you, I can grow as a person and inspire you to do the same.

Your feedback is always welcomed and I look forward to hearing from you.